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Located 70km from Azumi, My Son is considered to be one of the best preserved Cham sites in Vietnam. Strategically located in a lush valley surrounded by towering mountains, the site of My Son was continually inhabited for 900 years, longer than any of the other sites of the great idealized civilizations of South East Asia.

13:00      Depart from Azumi

15:10      Arrive at My Son Holy land

During the 4th century, My Son became the religious, cultural and educational center of the Cham Empire. Most of the temples were dedicated to Cham Kings associated with divinities, especially Shiva, who was regarded as the founder and protector of Champa’s dynasties.

As some of the ornamentation work at My Son was never finished, archaeologists knew that the Chams first built their structures and then carved decorations into the brickwork. Researchers have yet to figure out for certain how the Chams managed to get the baked bricks together. According to one theory, they used a paste prepared with botanical oil indigenous to Central Vietnam. It was even said that during one period in their history, the summits of some of the towers were covered with a layer of gold.

In 2000, My Son was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site which provides funding for protection and restoration and ensures its future for generations to come.

17:00    Depart from My Son

18:30    Arrive at Azumi

Time duration: 4 hours

Included: Minibus, boat, English guide, cold water

Excluded: Entrance fee 




Traveler Rating: 8.9 Excellent