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The Ancient town of Hoi An has preserved most of its original architecture, including houses, temples, pagodas, streets, ports, civil buildings, religious structures and other non-religious worshipping structures. This is the one factor that is attracting thousands of people year after year. Hoi An was listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in December 1999.

9:00      Depart from Azumi

9:10      Arrive in Town. Visit the house of Phung Hung featuring a combination of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese architecture.

10:00    Discover the Japanese Bridge which has been deemed by many as the symbol of Hoi An.

10:30    View the Museum of Trade Ceramics which houses a rare collection of 430 artifacts from the 8th to the 18th century.

11:00    Explore the beautiful assembly hall of Phuoc Kien which is also known as the Kim Son Pagoda. This was built in 1692 by Chinese Phuoc Kien merchants.

11:30    Explore Hoi An Historical Cultural Museum. It has 212 unique artifacts and documents which are made from porcelain, pottery, bronze, iron, paper and wood.

12:00    Visiting the Central Market will bring you into a whole world of interesting sights, smells and sounds. You will be able to see different and interesting foods, vegetables, daily house hold items and many different kinds of souvenir items. This will give one a small peak into the daily lives of the locals.

12:15    Depart from Town

12:25    Arrive at Azumi

Time duration:         3 hours

Tour start:               9:00am or upon request




Traveler Rating: 8.9 Excellent