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The Marble Mountains consist of marble stone hills. Each is said to represent the each of the five elements of the universe. The five elements are water, wood, fire, metal and earth.

09:00    Depart from Azumi

09:40    Arrive at Marble Mountains.

Thuy Son (Water Mountain) which is the largest and the famous mountain is a popular pilgrimage site and has a number of natural caves such as Huyen Khong, Linh Nham, Van Thong and Tang Chon. Hindu and Buddhist sanctuaries can also be found here.

Tam Thai pagoda which was built in 1852 is known as a beautiful pilgrimage site to visit especially on days of the full moons and during Tet (Chinese New Year).

The Huyen Khong cave is famous for its special opening to the sky. The dripping water from this opening is said by the locals to be offerings from the heaven.

The Linh Ung pagoda (built in the Minh dynasty-1852) was rebuilt with the colorful marble Buddhist paintings. Entering the sanctuary, you will see a fantastic figure with a huge tongue.

Visit the nearby marble village. Guests will be able to observe marble cutting and the polishing process.

11:30    Depart from Marble Mountains

12:30    Arrive at Azumi

Time duration:         3 hours

Tour start:               9:00am or upon request




Traveler Rating: 8.9 Excellent